“That Day”

Father God, my whole being praises You. 

For all that You are and everything You do. 

Words can’t describe the depths of Your glory;

It’s amazing that You bring us into Your story!

You’re Alpha and Omega, beginning to end. 

You’ll always be and You’ve always been. 

You are love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace. 

You sent Your only Son to take my place. 

Jesus died on the cross to set sinners free,

So that we could be a part of Your eternal family.

Thank you, Jesus, with all my heart and soul

For redeeming my life and making me whole. 

I sing praises to Your holy name;

To conquer death is why You came. 

And it WAS defeated – You won the victory! 

You rose from the grave and beat the enemy!

You are highly exalted in all the earth;

No one can fathom the greatness of Your worth.

You are holy, righteous, and just. 

It’s amazing to me how much You love us. 

We are so sinful, so undeserving;

Yet You freely gave Your life, so unreserving.

Thank you, Father, for fulfilling Your plan;

For sending Jesus as the Savior for fallen man.

The Day is coming, indeed drawing near. 

The blowing of trumpets for all the earth to hear.

Announcing His coming – King Jesus will return!

It’s for this very event that all creation yearns.

When we see our Savior riding on the clouds, 

There will never again be any room for doubt. 

I’m sorry, Lord, that so many reject You now

But we know on that Day, every knee will bow.

Every single person will have to stand before You

And give our life’s account – who did we choose?

Satan or Jesus…

The one who binds us or the One Who frees us?

On that Day, history will end,

And a glorious future – ETERNITY- will begin!

Those who’ve decided to follow You now

Will be rewarded as they receive their crown.

Those who reject You will sadly have made their choice. 

You called to them but they wouldn’t listen to Your voice. 

My prayer to You, Father today,

Is please draw hearts to Jesus before it’s too late.

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