“Praise to My King”

I bow my head and lift my heart;

In surrender is where I start.

You are holy and I am not,

But with the highest price I have been bought.

Ransomed, redeemed, my debt was fully paid.

On the Savior of the world, all my sin was laid.

Jesus gave His life for mine

And pardoned me once for all time.

With this incredible sacrifice,

He has guaranteed me eternal life!

How can I not be moved to praise,

And follow Him obediently all of my days!?

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…

The only One Who can make mankind right.

Through His pardon, we are made free,

And given new life – now and for eternity!

In Christ, we are forgiven and new;

We experience His love – so deep and so true;

He changes us as He makes us His own.

He gives us a new heart and removes the old one of stone.

By His grace, we become what we should be…

the Master’s creation, reflecting His beauty.

Oh Father, I humbly come before You,

I’m amazed that you love me the way that You do.

Thank You for accepting me and calling me out;

From all of my sin, unbelief, shame, and doubt.

And for giving me a new life and a great purpose,

Adopting me as your daughter and calling me into Your service.

I have counted the cost and it’s worth it to me.

My eyes are on the prize – my Jesus, my King!

I sing praises to You, now and always;

Fill me with Your love and truth and guide me all of my days.

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