What’s been going on!?

Please excuse our extended absence from the podcast and here! We have had sooooo much going on these past few months, we simply have not had any down time to devote to this ministry arena! I definitely WANT to come here very often, as I love to write and I think this is an excellent outlet for me to discuss all kinds of things going on in my heart and mind. We will see…I will pray about being able to do this on a regular basis. One thing that holds me back is that I am not very tech-savvy, so I’m not exactly sure how to set all of this up, but I suppose that will just come in time with practice and time…unless someone with expertise in this area happens upon this blog site somehow and would like to reach out with tips–I’m all ears and would be much obliged!

We are about to record a new podcast too, and we really do hope to be able to start getting them out more regularly as well. We will update about all of our ministries, how we are currently seeing God at work, and all that’s been going on the past few months. I will keep this post short, so as to not repeat anything, as I know the podcast episode will be listed here too. I promise though, I will post again very soon! Thank you all for sticking with us and God bless each of you!

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