Practice What You Preach

So I know I just shared a new post a little earlier today. This is in follow-up to that. If you read it (or if you didn’t, feel free to go back and read it now…I’ll wait…) you know that I talked about what we studied in Job this morning and how I had looked for someone throughout my morning to be able to share what I’d learned, but never found someone face-to-face and ended up sharing it with my friend through messenger. And I THOUGHT this must have been what God was setting up for me today…wellllll….it may have been part of it, but He actually DID have another encounter waiting for me tonight!

My husband and I went to dinner earlier and sometimes he will ask our waiter/waitress if they would like to pray with us when we pray over our food. So he asked the waiter and he said “sure” & Will (my hubby) asked him his name & he said Bryan, so Will prayed and thanked God for the food and for our server, Bryan, and asked God to bless him for his service to us tonight and said that we pray he has a relationship with Christ but if not, that he can have one with him tonight.” (This isn’t unusual for him to do)…so after we prayed, Bryan thanked us so much and said “He always seems to send the right person at just the right time” or something to that effect. So he continued to work and we ate our food, and Will and I were just talking about a lot of stuff with witnessing and different things we’re learning from some discipleship training videos and through them, recognizing some areas where we’ve failed. And so I told Will that I really liked the way that the David guy who is teaching the sessions said that he always opens up to share his faith by telling someone, “I learned something interesting about God today. Can I share it with you?” And Will was like, “You should try it on Bryan when he comes back,” so right then, he came back and first I asked him, “Hey Bryan, you said that God always sends the right person when you need it…is there something specific that we can be praying for you about?” So he starts going into his story with us about how he’s trying to raise his babies by himself because he lost their mother a few months ago and that he’s just been really having a hard time. To which I said, “Really? I am so sorry to hear all of this. I learned something really interesting about God today…. Would you mind if i shared it with you?” And he sat down with us to listen!!!

So I proceeded to tell him about Job chapter 3 & he said, “Man, Job is who I identify with right now, I’m serious”…so I just showed him empathy and compassion and shared with him that Job had been through all this horrible stuff and was feeling immense grief and even physical suffering but that he laid his heart bare before God and he was open and real and honest with Him. And that we can be that way too…that God is the only One who can take all that pain and burden off of us and replace it with peace and joy and comfort and hope. And Bryan said, “You’re right, He IS the only One.” Then I told him that I’ve been looking for someone to share this with today and God must have meant for it to be him! He said, “Ma’am, this isn’t even my section. I wasn’t even supposed to be working over here tonight.” WOW! We all agreed it was God, and Bryan said he’s been meaning to find a church and Will said, “Well we just meet at our house but you’re welcome to join us!” He said that he has his kids though and I said, “We love babies! Do you see what my shirt says!?” (It says “baby lover”— shirt)! And Will gave him his phone number then the Lord put on my heart to tip him $50 & I asked him if I could hug him and he gave us both a hug. It was a wonderful encounter and I prayed for Bryan again on the way home and put him in my prayer journal as soon as I got home so that I will remember to keep lifting him up before the Lord.

Look how God worked ALL day today…I shared that message at least 4 times today and in 4 different ways!!!! Nothing of me and all glory to Him! But it’s an amazing thing to be used of God in these ways. We are called for a purpose and the whole world is our mission field. Matthew 9:37 says, “He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” How are you working in the fields for God’s glory? Let’s be about the Father’s business.


  1. Did you check out Running With Christ. . . ? It one of my pages. If not, go and take a look at it. You’ll find that I have much in common with Job. I like the way your husband, Will, is brave enough to ask the waiter/waitress if they want to pray with them before the meal. It is interesting! Do you guys mind if I adopt that for my wife and I?

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for reading and commenting on my post and I will go check out your page now! 😊 oh my goodness, of course we don’t mind if you use that!! It’s awesome that you were inspired by it! Will regularly prays for and with our servers and it’s most often the exact same reaction…a little hesitancy at first, kind of look around like 😬, then oh sure what the heck…& at the end, every single time they smile and thank him and you can tell we left an impression. Prayerfully more Christians will show love and care for all those that we meet and see every encounter as an opportunity to shine the light of Christ in a dark world that needs Him! God bless you and your wife!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


      1. Thank you, and you all as well!

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  2. Great message I needed to hear. Thank you.

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    1. Praise God, you’re very welcome!! Thank you for the comment! 💜💜

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