In Everything, Give Thanks…

to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:20). I have so much to be thankful for. This is true every day, but today especially, my heart is just overflowing with joy in the Lord. Let me tell you about a few of them (because after all, we can all use a little more joy and gratitude, can’t we?!) and it can be contagious. So I hope and pray that this rubs off on anyone reading this.

To begin with, when I first woke up this morning, I received a sweet video full of playing, laughter, and excitement of a brother in India and his family and some children that he cares for in an orphanage there. It has been a dream and prayer for them for quite some time now to have clean drinking water and today, they finally have it! This has been such a huge blessing to be a part of and we are still humbled by God using us in this way…something we take for granted every day is such a luxury for people in other parts of the world. This video and the pictures he sent just made my day!!

Right after this, we met with our sweet sister in Pakistan (and the ladies from the sewing ministry plus a few men and two elderly ladies) as we do every Wednesday. We are going through the Gospel of John with them and today we did something different and had them break into small groups (as they are about to start meeting this way in their homes and communities) and it was a very special day of them interacting so beautifully with one another, praying together for each other, and sharing what the Holy Spirit was teaching them. It is just amazing to be a part of what God is doing in the underground church in the Middle East. It is changing us. Our sister told us after the meeting that the people were all so excited…that first they were scared because they didn’t know what to expect, but then they loved it so much!!! We were talking about how many Bibles we need to send funds for now and we’ve determined that our goal should be 500 (the village she visited last weekend had 200 people alone who ALL came to faith in Christ and no one has a Bible of their own!)…we then discussed the people who can’t read and we suggested audio Bibles if they are available there, and she said they are but she will check pricing for us. She thinks they would need about 20 of these. She said the two elderly ladies who joined the class today can’t read but they were so excited to just sit and watch all of the other people read their Bibles. Will and I said we will get them their own audio Bible PLUS a physical copy of the Bible so that they can hold it in their hands while they listen to the audio one and who knows, God may teach them to read through this! Again, another incident that showed us how much we take for granted in the west when we have so many Bibles on our bookshelves and many people never even open them to read them, yet these precious people there are so hungry for God’s Word and can’t even afford the $10 USD that a Bible costs. This has become the most important need in all that we are doing in the ministry now and our desire is to see at least every home have one Bible to begin with, but eventually every person. This is truly their lifeline and most prized possession there as they come to Christ and learn to walk in faith and obedience.

The next thing I was thankful for is today’s weather in our area! Will and I have a lawn care business (yes, I help him…I’m the weed-eater operator, lol…we are a team in all things) and we live in southeast Texas so it’s typically very hot and humid and we have a lot of rain at times, but today was just the most beautiful, clear, breezy, PERFECT day! And we got to enjoy working side by side, I forgot my ear buds at home so I was able to spend a lot of time praying to the Lord, we talked a lot and had a really nice lunch at one of our new favorite Mediterranean restaurants, and finished our day off with a coffee from our favorite little coffee shop. We also met a very nice man at the restaurant who is actually from Pakistan but has lived here for years and is about to open a restaurant in another nearby city. We had a great conversation with him and Will gave him his business card, so I hope he calls us. I told him we would love to have dinner or something and visit with him sometime.

Another thing I was so grateful for is that our little grandbaby, “Hogie,” who I babysit three days a week while my daughter works part-time, was sick yesterday and definitely not himself. Long story short, she took him to the doctor to be checked out because he was running a fever and his breathing was labored and my daughter works in the medical field so she’s very aware of RSV, Covid, and all the other junk going around and we were worried it could be any of the above, so as soon as she left with him, we prayed that it would not be anything serious and God would heal his little body….well, I believe He did! Today he is much better, PRAISE GOD!!!!!

Lastly, I just got word that a dear sweet sister who just heard about our ministry and was moved to donate toward helping us purchase Bibles has sent funds for 1/5 of the overall goal of 500 (so enough for 100 Bibles)!!! I am SO blown away at how God is just moving hearts to fulfill His purpose in this mission. To think, just over 3 or so months ago, we would have NEVER imagined all that we would be a part of. We never would have considered ourselves missionaries. We never even looked at the Middle East…much less Pakistan! I don’t know why. It just never was on our radar. But now our hearts are there. So much. We love them and will do everything we possibly can to see more and more precious souls come to know the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and be discipled to go and make more disciples.

We are about to have our weekly call with our lovely brother and sister in Canada, so I will get off here now but it just did my heart good to lift all these things up to the Lord and share them with you. “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24) AMEN!!!

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