Blessed to be a Blessing

Have you ever thought about all that God has blessed you with? Have you considered that the many, many abundant gifts He’s given you are meant to be shared with others? The very heart of God, which we see from Genesis through Revelation, is that He loves to create fresh and new things. He started in the beginning when He made everything from nothing and His presence filled the earth and He said that everything He made was “very good.” (Genesis 1) He was so happy with His creation. The whole middle part of the redemption story is about how we left His love, mercy, and grace and went our own way but how He, in His love provided a Way (Jesus) to bring us back into relationship with Himself. And when we come to faith in Christ through repentance and giving Him control of our life, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us and make us a completely new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17) So the life of a believer is that of being ever-changed into the likeness of Christ. We should always be learning and growing and changing, by His power and His Spirit, alive and at work in us. The happy ending of God’s story is that Jesus will return (soon) and make ALL things completely new!! The finality of the entire story and God’s ultimate plan will be fulfilled on that Day. And what a glorious beginning that will be! What a blessing to be counted among His children on the Day that He returns!

If you are one of His sons or daughters, do you ever think about the incredible gifts He has given you and what the purpose is for them? In all things, we are meant to bring Him glory and how do we do that? By drawing others to Christ. He gives us different skills, abilities, talents, personalities, experiences, resources, gifts, etc. and all of these are meant to be used to honor our Creator. We should be thanking Him for every single thing He gives us each and every day, from the breath of life He fills our lungs with to our morning cup of coffee and time spent in His presence, to our family and the weather and all the people we come into contact with throughout our day. We can thank Him for our work and what He provides through it and the sense of purpose and belonging, dignity and worth that He instills in each of us simply because we have been created in His image. We can thank Him for all the relationships in our life and every precious soul He has entrusted to belong to our sphere of influence. We can even thank Him for our trials, struggles, and challenges we must face and endure, for they produce in us the fruits of the Spirit that are required in both this life and the next. We should thank Him for ways that He moves us to share things and bits and pieces of ourselves with others as we travel along this journey of life. It is short and we can make the most of it by loving Jesus first and most and in turn, being able to love others well.

Life is a gift and He has blessed us in SO many ways in order to be a blessing to others. Never to just keep it to ourselves. This isn’t the most profound thought, I know…in fact, it’s quite simple. But it is what was on my heart and mind this morning and I hope it encourages you to reach deep inside and slow down for a moment today to think on all the ways God has been so good to you, and come up with some ways that you can share your gifts with others. You never know how one small act to you may be something huge for someone else and you can draw them to the light of the Savior with your love and grace toward them.

Just another way to be about the Father’s business today. Let’s think on this today and every day, but especially as we go into the holiday season. God bless you!

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