The Inner Struggles of the Encourager

Good morning, friends. Today, I am having sort of a struggle within myself. I started feeling it over the past couple of days, really. You see, God has given me this gift of being an encourager. I always seem to have a need to lift people up. It’s been this way all my life but especially since coming to faith in Christ. I understand that it’s a gift because it just comes naturally to me. I also have great empathy and compassion toward others. I can literally feel what they feel, so I’m able to relate to most everyone. I think maybe this is why I always want to encourage people.

Anyway, the past few blog posts I’ve written have been about persevering in these end days and Will and I really have a strong pull towards equipping the saints to stand firm in their faith, as this is what God tells us is paramount in the coming times. But it’s not a popular message and we know that. It’s a lonely journey most of the time. It must be how the prophets felt. **I’m not calling ourselves prophets, by no means. I’m simply saying that I can relate to the way they must have struggled within themselves, bringing an unpopular message to the masses and being rejected, hated, and even killed for calling people to repent and be ready for the Kingdom to come. But we understand this is the same message each believer is called to give today, and we must be faithful to our King, no matter the result.

That doesn’t mean it comes easy all the time. I always want to bring a message of hope and encouragement, even in the midst of chaos and darkness. I want to be the light in the darkness, as Jesus has called me to be. I want my words to be gracious and pleasant at all times, seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6). But I won’t compromise the message of truth that I’m called, commissioned, and commanded to bring. So there must be a balance. And that’s what’s been weighing on me, I think. Just like any other human being on planet earth, I have a desire to be accepted, liked, loved…but I also am keenly aware of the fact that, as a follower of Christ, 1.) my identity lies in Him and HE accepts me, likes me, loves me, never leaves me or rejects me, 2.) His holy Word tells us that we should expect to be rejected, disliked, persecuted, and even worse, and 3.) when this happens, we are to shake the dust from our feet and keep moving forward, shouting the truth from the rooftops for all who have ears to hear. Speaking of that, I like this song, if you want to listen.

In my quiet time this morning, I read all of Matthew chapter 10, and I highly recommend reading it if you ever have these kind of struggles. It gives us warnings of what to expect, being a Christ follower in these days, tempered with encouragement for the journey. This is the balance we must keep and what is my heart’s desire to bring to the table.

So friends, that is what was on my mind this morning and in my prayers to the Lord…I just want to honor Him in my life and encourage my brothers and sisters along this journey, no matter what may come or how bad it may get–to stand strong in the faith, keep our eyes on the Prize, and endure to the end. There is a great Reward waiting for us and He is more precious that anything…ANYTHING…this world has to offer. I pray for all of you today and hope this spoke to your heart in some way. God bless you for reading. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Great gifts. The Lord is your strength!

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    1. Amen, He is!! Thank you for the read and comment! 🥰💖


  2. c.f. leach says:

    Great Post! And I would like to encourage you and your husband to keep up the good work. Truth is needed today in this world more than ever before. If Jesus came under scrutiny and he was the Messiah, what else can we expect. Didn’t he say the world loves its own? Keep blowing that horn—someone will surely hear and listen. Blessings and Peace!

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    1. Amen!!! Absolutely, if the world hated Him, it will hate us too. But we must go marching on with Truth! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, sister!! I so appreciate it!!!


      1. c.f. leach says:

        You are sooo welcomed!!! You both be and stay blessed!

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      2. Thank you so much, love…you too!!!


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