Seasons Change

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8

This is something that’s been on my mind lately. Isaiah 40:8 was the verse of the day a couple of days ago (on YouVersion), and I’ve been noticing the colors changing on the trees and the leaves falling when I’m out at the park and elsewhere, so it’s had me thinking on how we go through different seasons in our life. Things are always changing, are they not?

Will said something very profound to me the other day, in regards to this subject. He said, “God gives us people only for seasons.” I have said this to him before as well, but it just really resonated with me this particular day. You see, there have been so many times in our life and faith journey where people have come and gone, and we’ve always been taken aback by this. Every time, we question what we could have done wrong and why they always just leave us after a time. So many times, we’ve really struggled with this and were very hurt by it.

This is an area that Satan works though, by making us think we are just TOO in love with Jesus and that it’s off-putting to people. Well…if that truly IS the case, we are at peace with them leaving. Our faith is the essence of who we are and we will NEVER compromise it for a single solitary soul on this earth. We believe that we are BETTER because of who we are in Christ and we are 100% sold out for Him, and we will go to our grave or meet Him face to face with this great zeal and passion for His name!! Of THIS, I am sure!!! No matter how the seasons change or the community around us changes, our love for Him never will.

Just as His Word never changes. His Word is alive in us, as HE is alive in us. He IS the living, breathing Word of God, the Word of Life. And He is how WE have changed and been made new. And we are always changing and being made new. Just like the seasons.

We have gone through so many of these changes in our journey with the Lord, as we’ve gone in and out of churches, denominations, “movements,” friendships, etc. Maybe you can relate. We’ve talked to SO many brothers and sisters over the years who have gone through very similar things in their walk with the Lord. I think it’s really just par for the course…He has much to teach us and if we truly are seeking Him and growing in Him, there’s no other way to learn some lessons than to go through the Refiner’s Fire and allow Him to prune us and burn away some of the things that aren’t profitable to us or the Kingdom.

And sometimes, as we have seen in our life for sure, He really has to bring us into those wilderness experiences where we have everything else stripped away in order to only have Him to run to. When we find out He is all we have, we realize He is all we truly need. Sometimes certain relationships/friendships/ministries can take our focus OFF of God, especially if they become an idol for us. And an idol is anything we place above God, so this can literally be anyone or anything. So we have to keep ourselves in check and examine our hearts to see if Jesus is still and always front and center in our love and devotion.

It’s easy to think that we’re doing God’s work and that we’re in His will when we’re going to church, involved in ministry, and surrounding ourselves with other Christians. But is our life truly surrendered to Christ’s care and control? Are we doing what He’s called us to do outside of the church building? Are we ministering to those closest to us-our families, neighbors, co-workers, people in our community, etc.? Are we just as involved with non-Christian people, in order that we can share the hope and love of Christ with the lost? Are we in touch with the Holy Spirit so that He can lead us in each step we take each day?

All of these things are matters that we talk and think and pray on regularly and issues that God has brought us through and moved us to keep at the forefront of our walk with Him. So I share it here with all of you in case it’s something you should also think and pray about. We have to understand that HE is in absolute, complete control of all things, and that He is the One Who orders and directs our steps. He will walk with us, but He wants us to submit to His will so that He can lead us and use us in the ways that He wants to, for HIS glory and our good. And the good of those around us that He wants us to reach. Even if it’s just for a season.

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