Kindred Spirits = Kindred Messages

To the Body of Christ: We are living in a day and age where the Truth of God’s Word seems to be harder and harder to find. But for the Remnant, the True Bride of Christ, it seems there is a rising up…a waking up…& praise God for this, as we are told to not be found sleeping and living like the world, but rather to be alert and always have our lamps filled with oil so that we are prepared when our Bridegroom returns.

We as the Church have MUCH preparing to do, as we are absolutely not ready at this moment. But I believe that God is doing the work in us that only He can do and everything we’re seeing play out before our very eyes is just part of His ultimate plan to bring all things together under the authority and reign of Christ.

And it’s encouraging to see and hear other brothers and sisters all over the world speaking Truth, not compromising, and taking every opportunity to make the name of Christ known…no matter the cost. This kind of steadfast determination is desperately needed and will be required till the end.

If you follow us on any platform, you know that our cause is Christ, our mission bringing others to Him, our heart obedience to the King through discipleship and nurturing of strong, immovable faith in the saints. On that note, today I simply wanted to share a sister in Christ’s most recent podcast episode with all of you. She is an awesome storyteller with a sweet spirit and soft heart for King Jesus. This latest message of hers goes right in line with our latest podcast episode, Living Stones. We have kindred hearts and spirits, so it’s no surprise that our messages are very cohesive as well. This is what we see God doing today. So be encouraged brothers and sisters…He is raising up His army. Let’s continue to seek Him daily, keep our lamps full of oil, and be about the Father’s business until He comes. Amen.

Listen to Nicole Baker’s Kingscourt Podcast here:


  1. desirayl says:

    I thank God for His remnant people.

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    1. Amen and amen!! 🙌🥰💜

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