Another New Resource!

Good morning, y’all! I wanted to share with all of you quickly a new resource that we have stumbled upon…or actually, we were invited into. It is an app…a community, called Wisdom. I have added a page on our blog site called “Our Wisdom Talks” under the Resources tab, and will be cataloging our recorded talks here. That way, anyone can find these at any time and prayerfully this is just another resource/tool/help for you in your walk with the Lord.

We will use any platform that we can to reach people with the Good News of the Gospel of Christ, so we are thankful to God for this new avenue. The way that the app works is anyone can set up an account (free) and go on and hear other people talking live at any time and people can chime in and talk to the person hosting the talk. Multiple people can go on throughout the talk (one at a time), so there’s a conversation going on all the time that is also being recorded so that you can go back and listen to them later as well. We look forward to seeing how God will use this platform and we’ll be sharing these talks here on the blog site, so I hope you all will listen in here, and maybe even join us on the Wisdom app and have a chat with me and others! Note: The app is not just for Christians or about spiritual matters…in fact, that’s the minority of what I see there, but again, it’s an avenue and WE, personally, will use all roads to lead others to Christ. And as I saw there this morning, this world needs the unchanging, authoritative TRUTH of God’s Word to be preached and stood firmly upon, boldly and unashamedly. All roads do NOT lead to heaven or to God, there is ONE WAY…THE WAY…Jesus Christ our Lord. So as you listen in to these talks (and as I hold them/talk to others there), understand that not everyone has a correct view or true WISDOM (which begins with a fear of the Lord and from the Word of God) and we are called to be patient and loving, show grace and humility, and still stand firm. You can do both at the same time. So prayerfully that is what you hear when you listen to/read any of our messages.

Here is a recording of the talk I held this morning, if you are interested in hearing it. It’s also on the “Our Wisdom Talks” page. Be sure to check back often as we will update this page with future talks.

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