Philippians 4: Joy in Giving

Good morning, friends! Here is the last recording over Philippians (chapter 4). This has been such a good little book and I pray you’ve been able to listen to the previous coffee and Bible time recordings with me. I’m really enjoying doing this and pray you’ll enjoy it as well. It’s not really “teachings,” per se (although as I said in this message, I have no doubt that God can use anyone at any time to teach us anything through His Holy Spirit as we dig into His Word together)…so maybe you will come away having learned something, but more than anything else I hope and pray you come away encouraged and filled with joy).

Just in case you missed the previous messages, here are all the rest: (This is chapter one of Philippians, but is in a different format. It’s a live talk with others chiming in on the Wisdom app. I decided to change what I was doing after this test run.)

Tomorrow, if the Lord continues to lead in the way I am thinking, I plan to start in the book of Thessalonians. Such another great little book!!! I’ll be back soon…enjoy your day!!

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