1 Thessalonians 3: How Will We Stand Before God?

Good morning, family! I hope and pray that you’re all having a wonderful start to your day. I invite you into mine by sharing with you this recording from my coffee and Bible time with the Lord over 1 Thessalonians chapter 3 today. God is really speaking to my heart about the importance of the family unit we have in the Body of Christ. This is one gift He’s given us out of His abundant goodness and kindness toward us, that we don’t run this race or fight the good fight of faith on our own. We have a family, and we can cultivate these meaningful, Christ-centered relationships as we journey toward our final destination. What great joy and hope and encouragement that should bring us! Whether you have close relationships with other believers in-person or you find them more online, I just urge you to build your community with people who can build up your faith and with whom you can do the same. And we are fortunate that at this time, we can do this through technology if need be. There is nothing like having this family bond in “real life,” but sometimes we just don’t have it. I get that. 100%. Do what you can though, where you can…and God will lead you and will lead people to you. In His timing. He knows best. For now though, I hope and pray you’ll listen to this message and be encouraged for your day. Don’t forget to worship and praise the Lord to these songs as you think on His goodness, too! Bonus! 😉

Here is the song I mentioned (thank you, Dee, for sharing it on your blog first! I really like it!):

And here is the Rhett Walker version:

Blessings, friends…have a great day as you go and be about the Father’s business!


  1. Great song/videos! And a wonderful message. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much, sister!! And thank you for sharing We The Kingdom’s version first! I really love both versions now! 💖💖💖

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      1. 🙂 You’re welcome. So do I!

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