“What’s On Your Tree?” (Podcast Episode)


We took a quick break from our 1 Peter series on the podcast to bring y’all an episode over the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). This was a cohesive message from the Holy Spirit that He gave to both of us over this past week. We thought that in itself made it share-worthy. I’m sure you have all studied and heard many messages over the years on this portion of Scripture, but we think it’s pretty awesome how the Lord spoke to both of us at the same time, with essentially the same prompting. We know and understand the importance of ongoing self-examination, and in this chat, we go over some personal points of application. Prayerfully as you listen in, you will be encouraged and motivated in your walk with the Lord. As always, feel free to reach out to us with comments or prayer requests. We always welcome your feedback. Here is the link to the podcast so you can check it out:

**Edited to add: We have followed this brother in Christ, Jarren, over at AoC (Ambassadors of Christ) for several years now and love the wonderful films he puts out on YouTube. He just put one out today that is exactly in line with this podcast episode we just made. I can’t recommend him enough if you don’t already follow him. Check out his channel and watch this clip from their latest full length movie, The Repentance Movie, which you can find on his channel as well. This is so important for the Body of Christ in this hour and God is clearly speaking to many of us about the same topics. We must abide in Him to have any power at all. Blessings.

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