“The End is Near” (Podcast Episode)


We’re back with another very timely podcast episode. The way that we try to operate (in all things) is by the leading of the Holy Spirit…whether it’s our podcast episodes, my blog posts, my (newest thing 🤩) Coffee and Bible Time messages, or even social media interactions. So we try to wait for His leading in all of this (if you notice we have no set timing on any of it), and as we talked about at the end of this episode, we’ve been going through some struggles lately spiritually (opposition from the enemy)…BUT we can also see God’s hand here. Had we put this message out anytime prior to yesterday/today, the message wouldn’t have been as perfectly timed and we know that only God can do that. So thank You, Lord, for Your mighty hand at work in our life, always.

We hope and pray that this message is timely for all of you as well and will bring encouragement to your walk as we enter more into the dark days of “the end of the world,” as Peter says in this chapter. We will be back soon with chapter 5, and then as the Lord leads, we will begin to discuss some of the current events we see playing out before our eyes on the world stage. Be sure to stick with us. And let’s keep all our brothers and sisters all over the world in prayer. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.

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