Tune in for Part 2 Today! (Podcast Episode)

Good morning, friends! Our sister in Christ, Rebecca Berschwinger, over at One Little Candle Podcast, has dropped part 2 of the episode we co-hosted with her over trusting in the government. Here is her description of the episode:

“In part 2 of this 2 part episode, Rebecca chats with guest co-hosts, Will and Angela Williams of the Salty Saints Podcast about man’s struggle with looking to the government as our “Savior.” What causes people to mistakenly rely on their government for things it can never truly provide? How can we avoid the trap of such reliance that inevitably leads to disillusionment and loss of freedom? Tune in and be encouraged and empowered to put your hope in mankind’s ultimate hope; the hope that will never disappoint, has all the right answers, and provides true and lasting freedom.

http://www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com http://www.saltysaints.blog

http://www.anchor.fm/saltysaints http://www.peacewithgod.net”

You can listen to the podcast here (or on her website, given above):


And if you haven’t had a chance yet to listen to part 1, be sure to listen to it first. 🥰 You should be able to find both of them wherever you normally get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to Rebecca’s site too and check out her previous episodes, as she is a kindred heart and spirit to us and is always shining the light as One Little Candle, on fire for Christ and working for His glory. It is an honor and privilege to be her co-host here and her sister in Christ for all of eternity.

Blessings on you all and happy Saturday, friends. Go and shine your light! 💡🕯🔥

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