“Let’s Talk About…Inflation” (Podcast Episode)

Listen here: https://anchor.fm/salty-saints/episodes/Lets-Talk-AboutInflation-URGENT-e1fnncr

This is the second of our “Let’s Talk About…” messages, where we are discussing the Biblical, prophetic events we see taking place right now. Have you seen the rising gas prices? Grocery prices? Inflation is here, friends. And it’s only going to get worse. While this is not a doom and gloom message meant to scare anyone, we know that soldiers in the army of God are our audience, so y’all can handle this. We want to encourage you to put your hands to the plow and don’t look back. Prepare your minds and hearts for action, and be ready no matter what may come. Fulfill the plan and purpose God has for you this day, in this time. Be sure to go back and listen to our previous message over war, the 2 part message we recorded with our friend at http://www.onelitllecandlepodcast.com over trusting the government (don’t!!), and find our other audio messages on “Will’s Audio Teachings” and “Coffee & Bible Time with Angela” pages on the blog (www.saltysaints.blog). We truly are here for y’all. Please share this message. Reach out to us anytime at saltysaints2@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram @saltysaints2. We welcome your questions, feedback, and interaction.


  1. Sky says:

    Very informative information! It is always a pleasure listening to you both. While some things may be uncomfortable for people to talk about, it is important to nonetheless. It keeps us alert and on our toes. Not in fear of the world, but in righteousness of the One who fought for us and continues to fight on our behalf. God bless family.

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    1. Yessss!!!! Amen and amen!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. 💖💖 You’re exactly right…we are in for difficult times ahead, but as believers we must be aware and prepared, so that we can prepare others. No topic should be left uncovered, so even though it’s tough or controversial, you can bet we will talk about it here. But we will also always point to the One Who has paid the price to save every soul, the One where we can truly find mercy and grace to help in all our times of need. It’s a scary time but it’s a wonderful time, to be alive in these end days!!! We appreciate your support, prayers, and listening to our messages, and we pray you are encouraged and edified, our dear sister in Christ. 🙏🏼💖🥰


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