“Let’s Talk About…the Gospel According to Jesus”


On this podcast episode, we are talking about the most important topic to every single soul on the face of the planet…the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. What did Jesus Himself have to say about salvation? About following Him? This is a much-needed message for the days we are living in, where Truth is compromised and the Bible has been so twisted and distorted, to fit manmade doctrines, denominations, and organizations. This is from the enemy, who since the garden has deceived, stolen, and destroyed souls of those who God has paid such a high price to reconcile to Himself. We pray you’ll listen today and consider the cost of being Christ’s disciple and receive the Good News of the Gospel, in humility, repentance, and genuine faith. And that the beautiful grace of God will overwhelm you, convict you of any sin, and empower you by the Holy Spirit to be transformed, for your good and His glory. And that you’ll pass it onto others.

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