Sharing is Caring!

Good morning, friends! Just a quick post to share a video from a dear friend and sister in Christ. She recorded this video with the “ET (End Times) Prepper” yesterday and it’s so in-line with everything we’ve been saying here on the blog and on our podcast the past year, so as I watched it this morning the Holy Spirit just moved me to share it with all of you. There are so many people these days (including professing believers) who are ill-equipped and ill-prepared for what is on the horizon, but it is Biblical…prophetic, so it’s time to wake up. For those of us with ministries/platforms, etc. that are not asleep, we feel a real urgency to wake the Church out of it’s slumber, reach the lost with the powerful call of the Gospel unto repentance and genuine faith, and help all to prepare for the worst time on earth that mankind has ever seen. This is what the Bible tells us will happen, so like it or not, it’s time to get ready. The only real Source of hope, peace, joy, and LIFE is Jesus Christ our Lord, so I pray that we all would turn to Him, abide in Him, and seek Him as never before. He is our Rock, He is our Comfort, and just as He was with Daniel and the three boys in the fire, He will be with us–no matter what we face. As we always say, it’s a scary time but an exciting time to be alive. The writing is on the wall. Listen to this conversation and hear more about how we can prepare for what’s to come, in every way. *Pay especially close attention at the end, where they talk about what I just said–the most important thing: JESUS, and secondly: community. We NEED one another, as the Body of Christ. This is something else we talk about ALL THE TIME, because we can’t stress the importance enough. Most Christians today have a very shallow experience of real, true, familial-type relationships within “church life,” and it’s to our own detriment. We, personally, believe very strongly that “Churchianity” as we know it today is going to fade fast and real, close-knit families of Christ are going to arise and strengthen and be what God actually had in mind. The Bible speaks of end time saints working MIGHTILY in signs and wonders on this earth like the early Church did in the Book of Acts. This will replace the American CEO business model of organized religion we see today….and honestly, it can’t come fast enough. Praise God that HIS WAY is best and HIS WAY works!!!!!!!

We have several podcast episodes over this topic as well, and you can find them here:

We will continue to sound the alarm as long as there is breath in our lungs. Nothing matters more than for the Gospel to go forth in boldness and uncompromised, so that every single soul has the opportunity to repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Who is coming back to judge every single person. We must be ready. Amen.

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