Another Great Resource!

I wanted to share with y’all a ministry we’ve recently connected with called GraceWorx. Bill and Allen are doing an amazing job over there of bringing timely, relevant messages to the Body of Christ in these days. They have a podcast (which we will be joining them on an episode soon, so stay tuned for that!), a discipleship program (soooooo needed today!!!), a website, and a Christian forum where you can interact with other believers. You can find out more here:

Be sure to check out this particular devotion from them. I just mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be talking about the state of the modern day church soon, and I will. But they’ve really done an excellent job here. This is actually the topic we’ll be discussing on the podcast with them next week. You won’t want to miss it! It’s encouraging to us to see so many people waking up to what’s so wrong with Churchianity today, and it’s so refreshing to hear messages from other believers who are passionate about the cause of Christ!!

Also, here is their latest podcast episode, “The Greatest.” Check it out:

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