Great Warning Message

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this message from my sister in Christ, Sonia Azam. It’s very timely and needed right now, in light of all that we see happening on the world stage. If you don’t know who Sonia is, be sure to check out her other videos on YouTube, as she has an incredible testimony of turning from Islam to faith in Jesus, and she is a remarkably gifted prophecy teacher. She has devoted her life to teaching people the Scriptures so that we will be ready for what is coming.

In case you’re wondering, we do hold to a post-trib view of the second coming of Christ, as we do read all throughout God’s Word that we will be here for the Great Tribulation, just as Sonia, the early Church, and a large number (& growing) of Christians today believe. In case you didn’t know, this was the earliest view of the End Times, and the pre-trib rapture theory came about only in the 1800’s…please study this out for yourself (we are happy to share many resources if requested), and read God’s Word without any presuppositional denominational (or fiction book/movie) lenses. New is never better. Go back to the old. Jesus’ model, the early Church model. I’m going to talk more about the Church in another post, as guys…WE HAVE TO WAKE UP. Satan has been at work for decades…centuries…in deceiving the saints and lulling the Body of Christ into a sleepy stupor. Take a look around, would you? We have to be living in the laziest, most ineffective days YET for the Church. I hope that if you are reading this, you are awake enough to this fact. If not, may God have mercy on you and wake you up before it’s too late. As Sonia says here, perilous times are coming and we, the Church, will be here to face it–to boldly and courageously serve the mission and purpose God has on our lives at this time in history–to snatch people from the flames of hell at the end of the age, and to bring hope when all that people can see is death and destruction all around them. We will not be pulled out as most Americans have been deceived into believing. That’s not God’s track record and that’s not what Jesus Himself said would happen.

We just recorded another podcast episode with our sister in Christ over at One Little Candle Podcast about what the reign of the Antichrist will look like and how things are shaping up to that end right now–and about all the naysayers who doubt that Jesus is REALLY coming back. I will share that here as well once it’s been published, so stay tuned for that.

I understand that this is all a very controversial topic in the Body of Christ today, and that is because people have, for far too long, depended on mere men (pastors) and man-made systems (seminaries, doctrines, denominations) to spoon-feed them the Word of God rather than trusting God alone and the Holy Spirit to teach them how to rightly divide the Scriptures for themselves, and in this way Satan has had a field day with us. But we MUST hold to the authority of God’s Word–let God be true and every man a liar. Test EVERY spirit. We aren’t given all the warnings contained in the Bible for no reason. God expects us to be Bereans…constantly studying His Word and asking for understanding by the power of the Holy Spirit. And to those who do, He grants them wisdom and gives them eyes to see and ears to hear. If you are turned off by what I am saying, I would just ask you to have an open mind and heart and think on all of this. There is no lack of information out there today, and you can study more about all of what I’m saying. Or you can continue to be close-minded and get your feathers ruffled and unfollow me…that’s fine too. It’s all up to you. My message won’t change, as we have sought God on these matters and have been diligent students of His Word in these areas for years now. We have looked at all the views and God has given us understanding of what’s on the horizon, so we come with warnings to the Body of Christ and we will remain faithful to bring His message, regardless of whether it’s popular or not. We know that Truth never is and we are comforted by all of the verses Jesus Himself gave us–that even though people will hate us for standing on Truth; that we will be persecuted, rejected, abandoned, mocked, etc.; that we will lose friends, family, even our very lives possibly….HE WILL BE WITH US…and guess what–as we’ve said many times before, it will be an HONOR to die for our King! He died for us! And He was the greatest example of what we can and SHOULD expect, in being His disciples. He told us so.

I do not say any of this in a prideful spirit or to be divisive in any way. God knows the Body of Christ is already divided enough! I say these things with a heart of urgency, sincerity, and great concern that Satan has infiltrated the Church and wrongly convinced so many of us that we are going to get an easy way out of all of this and I fear for those who aren’t strong enough to continue to stand firm to the end when that doesn’t happen. Again, pick up your Bibles. Hell is coming and we need to be ready.


  1. c.f. leach says:

    Thank you so much for this confirmation. Blessings and Peace!

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    1. Praise God sister, you’re welcome!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


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