“If We Are The Body” (A Poem)

If we are the Body…

Shouldn’t this world have more light?

More of a solid stance of proclaiming wrong from right?

If we are the Body…

Shouldn’t there be more souls impacted?

And less of our own being so distracted?

If we are the Body…

What are we doing?

Who or what is it, really, that we are pursuing?

If we are the Body…

Haven’t we been called to sacrificially love, give, go, and be?

Do we really have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see?”

If we are the Body…

Who has given us our orders? Who do we trust?

Do we truly seek to follow and obey the One Who died for us?

If we are the Body…

What does that mean? Who is our head?

Are we even considering the Word we’ve just read?

If we are the Body…

Is it all a ritual? A meaningless show?

Or has Jesus saved your soul and told you to GO?

If we are the Body…

Are we seeking first His Kingdom? Trusting His Word and Spirit?

Standing on His authority? Do we even fear it?

If we are the Body…

Have we lost our first Love? Are we going through the motions?

Do we take for granted that His grace for us is more vast than the oceans?

If we are the Body…

How can we let our fire be snuffed out?

That’s NOT what being the Body of Christ is all about!

If we are the Body…

Why aren’t we setting the world ablaze?

Like we saw the Church do in the early days.

If we are the Body…

We’ve lost our way. We’ve let the world in.

When God has ALWAYS told people that they MUST come out of sin.

If we are the Body…

We are certainly compromised. 

Satan has infiltrated Jesus’ true Bride. 

But none of this is a surprise to God; in fact…

He said to let Satan sow the tares as part of his act.

If we are the Body…

On the last Day, all will see…

Who are truly the tares, and who are truly the wheat!!

If we are the Body…

We are longing for this Day.

We know the cost is hefty, but Jesus already paid.

He once and for all paid the ultimate price…

His life for ours, the Remnant Bride of Christ.

If we are the Body…

We understand this beautiful mystery and it’s transformed who we once were

Into a completely new creation and delivered us from the curse.

If we are the Body…

We have new eyes, new ears, a new heart…

And we desire to hear, “well done,” NOT “depart.”

If we are the Body…

We don’t take for granted this gift of new life. 

We offer it to others FREELY so that they too, may be made right.

If we are the Body…

We treasure how much we’ve been given,

So we don’t keep our lamp under a basket…hidden.

We put ourselves on display for all the world to see

The testimony of Jesus–the One Who set us free!!

If we are the Body…

We are salt and light. 

Called for great purpose, recruited for the fight.

If we are the Body…

We are not wimps! We are not on the sidelines. We are not spectators. 

But rather, we are strong in the One Who lives in us. We are in the game. We are world-changers.

If we are the Body…

We love one another fiercely because, as the family of God, we treasure this gift from Him.

We give, we warn, correct, and encourage…bringing the Truth of His Word and calling all to repent of sin.

If we are the Body…

Where is this today? 

Why is the world the one who dictates?

If we are the Body…

We better wake up…Gird up…Stand up…Get ready.

Without God’s Word as our authority, we will be easily shaken and unsteady.

This is NOT our commission.

We’ve been hand-selected by Him and put into position.

If we are the Body…

There’s no easy way out. That’s never been what the Christian walk is about.

Jesus was the greatest example to ever live.

And to us who’ve been given, we’re called in turn, to give.

Give of our resources, our gifts, our time…

Spending all that we have, while we have it, for all the souls on the line.

If we are the Body…

Do we have this sense of urgency? Do we run toward the flames?

Because hell on earth is coming and Jesus is taking names. 

He is going to judge us all…EVERY knee will bow.

Are we pleading with all mankind to surrender to Him NOW?

If we are the Body…

This is the message and nothing else matters. We must get serious, we must get to work.

Fill our lamps with oil and take God at His Word. 

If we are the Body…

We will see Him face to face on the last Day.

And He will welcome us into the Kingdom, where He will have His ultimate reign. 

Click here to hear me read the poem:

GET READY. My plea to you all today. The Holy Spirit gave me this message this morning and He just continues to impress upon my heart this urgency to warn everyone while and however I can. Love to you all!


  1. ChallEngEr says:

    This is a great urgency!I agree with you🏵

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen!!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Thank you so much for your comment!! 🥰🥰


    1. Thank you!!! 💜💜💜


  2. GraceWorx says:

    This is Awesome!!!!! It is refreshing, encouraging and Spirit-filled !!!! There is a revolution, revival and change coming in the world where Christians are coming back to being Christians. We are not filling churches solely for the sake of checking off our ‘feel-good’ lists.

    We need to be solely focused on Jesus Christ and sharing the Gospel wherever we are. Not pre-occupied and distracted.

    Great words and great poem. Spirit filled and Kingdom-honored.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much for your encouraging, kind words and likeminded Spirit!!!!! I believe this too and am looking so forward to seeing God blow mightily across this earth in this way!!! So great to connect with you guys and again, thank you for the loving comment!!! 🥰🥰🥰


  3. Allen says:

    This is GREAT!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much!!! 💜


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