On the Matter of Forgiveness…

Hey everyone, the Lord has brought up the topic of forgiveness in several ways lately, so this morning I just recorded an audio message of me giving my thoughts on this. I’m not going through a teaching or anything like that; it’s just a simple message from my heart. I hope it blesses and encourages someone and that the Lord speaks to you through me. And as I mentioned in the recording, there are SO many verses in the Bible on forgiveness, so do your homework and look some up if this is a struggle for you right now. Where forgiveness starts is with yourself though. You must. If He did, you can…I promise. ❤️❤️ By His Holy Spirit and through the truth of His Word. Word and Truth. John 4:23-24.

Here you go:


  1. gmccann2006 says:

    Good evening… I’m just catching up on today’s emails as I see this latest post.

    We met through a GCM and SAW zoom call after you posted an update and we sent an offering for the Pakistan women’s ministry you had hoped was bearing fruit…

    I’ve continued to follow your ministry blog… very encouraging to watch and see the fruitful expanding of your tent pegs has now led to the enlargement of your boundaries… All brought about by GOD’S Grace, combined with your faithful diligence.

    I was moved this morning by something very similar to your post. Rather than journal, I type and email study notes to myself as a reminder.

    May you find joy,, strength and be encouraged in this.

    Blessings of the LORD unto you and your house this day.



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    1. Hey there brother Greg,
      Yes I remember you, of course! Thank you so much for reaching out and for all the encouragement. I’m so glad you’ve been able to follow along with all that the Lord is doing and how He’s working in our life, and so happy it’s encouraged you as well. To Him be the glory!! 🙌🙌

      That’s awesome that He spoke similar messages…I love when He confirms things like that! And He’s so good to always do it!!! Again, I greatly appreciate you reaching out and commenting is always such a great source of encouragement…so thank you!!! God bless you!!


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