“Responding to Naysayers” (Podcast Episode with One Little Candle)

Good morning, y’all! Here is another team-up with our sister, Rebecca Berschwinger, over at One Little Candle Podcast.

This is the description of the episode:

The end times. They’ve been saying that we’ve been in the end times for years now. Why should today be any different? Do you hear that exact same statement from some people when engaging in conversation about the unfolding of biblical prophecy that’s occurring right before our eyes?
Join Rebecca, along with Will and Angela Williams of the Salty Saints Podcast, as they discuss why things are, in fact, different this time and why we should be, as Christians, living with a sense of urgency now more than ever! Part 1 of 2.

You can find the episode here: http://www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s other podcast episodes and her brand new blog as well! You can also follow her on Instagram @onelittlecandlepodcast, where she posts short devotionals and other encouraging bits to help in your walk with the Lord. We’re all out here doing everything we can to shine our light and be that one little candle. Salt and light. The world desperately needs to be pointed to the Source right now…Christ our King!!! 🙌✝️🙌

I’ll post part 2 here as well when it’s up. Have a great day, everyone!

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