GraceWorx Ministry

I added this wonderful ministry to our Resources page yesterday, but I also wanted to share more about them in a blog post, in hopes that y’all will check them out. They have so much to offer to help all of us grow in our walk with Christ, and they are two awesome brothers in the Lord, as we have come to know them and love them. Their ministry is multifaceted…they have a podcast, which you can find here:

A discipleship course, which can be found here:

Beautiful, solid devotions to help in your daily quiet time with the Lord…here:

And last but not least, a Christian community forum here:

This is Bill and Allen of the Beyond Belief Podcast, and you should remember them because we’ve done a few episodes with them now. 🥰 Be sure to check out their site as they are doing great things for the Kingdom of God and it’s been such a privilege and honor for us to know them. Discipleship is a MUST for all of us (after all, it’s the heart of the Great Commission!!) and sadly it is severely lacking in modern day Christianity. But these brothers have written a course straight from the Bible that you can go through and take others through, to help you develop a solid worldview based on God’s Word alone, our highest authority. Check them out!


  1. blankenshipallen2 says:

    Thanks so much!!!

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    1. You’re so welcome!! 🥰❤️🙌


  2. GraceWorx says:

    Angela and Will – thank you for the ministry of Jesus out there. Such a blessing to have both of you in our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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    1. Aww brothers, the feeling is completely mutual!!! 🥰 Y’all have been such a blessing to us and I really pray people will utilize all of the facets of your ministry for personal growth in the Lord. Nothing matters more!! Love you guys!!!


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