Great Teaching Over TRUE Regeneration!

Do you know the difference between conversion and regeneration? This is a topic we will be covering on a podcast episode in the near future, but it’s also something that was on my sister, Joanie’s heart and mind, and I thought she did a great job explaining the difference through the illustration given in Proverbs chapter 9 in the contrast of the two different types of women. Check it out here:

Note: we’ve also heard Ray Comfort explain it as true vs. false conversion, whereby being the false convert is never truly regenerated/born again, and he has an excellent message over this as well that you can also check out.

Jesus said we can know a person by their fruits (Luke 6:43-49). What is being produced in our life? Are we bearing good fruits in keeping with repentance? Again, let’s listen to Joanie explain the wise vs. the foolish woman and examine the fruit.

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