“Forgiveness – Part of Running Our Race” (Podcast Episode)

Listen to today’s episode here:


Today we are blessed to have our first guest on the podcast! Rebecca Berschwinger from One Little Candle Podcast is with us to chat about the topic of forgiveness and share with us a personal story about a stolen inheritance and how God walked with her through this trial and taught her how to truly forgive. We also share with all of you a personal testimony of a major trial of forgiveness in our life as well, which we’ve never shared here before. We hope and pray that this episode will encourage you in your walk with Christ and give you some insight as to how we can come to a place of true forgiveness, why it’s so important, and how praying for and learning to love our enemies is the key that sets us free. Please excuse the quality of the audio, as the internet connectivity wasn’t optional at the time of recording.

Be sure to find Rebecca’s podcast, blog, and more at http://www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com, on Facebook and Instagram as One Little Candle Podcast, and on http://www.christianpodcastcommunity.com. And here is the link to the book she mentioned in the episode: The Calvary Road: Exploring Christianity https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1444455664/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WX8ZBA34GJEK4CBYBH2Q

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