“Forgiving the Nightmare: Special Guest – Mark Sowersby” (Podcast Episode)

Listen here:


I know we’ve put several episodes out this week, but God has just blessed us abundantly lately by connecting us with so many other brothers and sisters who are open and vulnerable and willing to share about their trials and struggles and victories in their walks with Christ, and to come on our little podcast to share these stories of hope with all of you. We pray that this is being accomplished and that you’ve all been encouraged and motivated in your faith journey. Be sure to listen to this episode where Mark is so open and transparent with us on all that he experienced through his childhood abuse and he provides so much hope and practical spiritual tools for the process of forgiving the nightmare. You don’t want to miss this episode!! Here is the link to Mark’s book (it is SO good…please grab a copy!):

And here’s where you can find Mark: Website: http://www.forgivingthenightmare.com

Facebook: Forgiving the Nightmare
Twitter: @SowersbyMark (Forgiving the Nightmare)
Instagram: Forgiving_ The_ Nightmare
Linked in: Mark Sowersby


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