Podcast Change!

Check out the new podcast landing page! https://saltysaints2.podbean.com/

Hey everyone, just a quick note that we’ve decided to change our podcast host to Podbean. This won’t affect how you’re able to listen to us, but it will help us to grow a little more in our podcasting (we think)! If you listen via the podcast player here on the blog site, you can still listen from there. If you listen on Anchor, it will simply redirect you to Podbean. If you listen on any of the other platforms, you will still be able to find us there. If you subscribe to us on the Podbean app, you can actually message us through it and have direct contact with us, so we think that’s pretty cool! They also offer live streaming where you could even call in during an episode, if we ever decide to try that out. As our podcast is growing, we just want to move on up a little bit to a host that gives us more options and makes things a little more seamless for both us and the listener. So as always, we hope and pray that you will tune in, follow us, like and subscribe, and pass us onto others that you think would enjoy hearing our love for Jesus and people and our passion for sharing Biblical truths in an uncompromising way, in a day and age where it’s severely lacking yet needed more than ever!

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