What’s Consuming Us?

Good morning, friends! I hope you have all had a great week. I hope even more that I am able to write everything that is in my heart and spirit right now in this blog post and that I’m not all over the place. Trusting the Holy Spirit here, y’all…let’s get to it.

So I have not written much in the past week or so and my interaction on social media has also dwindled pretty much to a halt. It started off with some discouragement I was feeling toward the end of last weekend, which snowballed throughout the week and had left me doubting so many things. Most of all myself. I realized that this was all from the enemy so I would take it to the Lord and leave it with Him and feel better for a moment but then it would come again, in waves. All week long. I struggled and struggled and because my natural tendency (as an introvert) is to pull away and isolate myself when I’m down, this is exactly what I did. From people anyway. Not from the Lord. I actually had some very wonderful and powerful times of worship and prayer with Him. I also had some not-so wonderful times where I felt like my prayers were bouncing off the ceiling and all I wanted to do was cry. And I did that some too. I’m just being open and real with y’all here. And I’m going somewhere with this story, I promise.

I’m not going to go into all the details of my woes and discouragements. This is real life in the end days. Things are hard for us all, in some sense or another. People don’t know how to truly love and treat each other well anymore. We’ve lost the human connection and interaction that God intended us to have and have replaced it with counterfeit “friendships” behind screens like the one I’m typing on now. Everyone is so engulfed in what’s going on with their social media feeds that they are missing what it means to really be SOCIABLE anymore–to enjoy the presence of someone’s company. We are all so distracted. I had this talk with my daughter yesterday and I was telling her how I cannot stand social media, that it has replaced being REAL friends in REAL life, and I said that I miss the old days before all this technology. She told me she doesn’t remember those days, that “everyone’s introverts these days.” I proceeded to give her my opinion as usual–that it’s not that everyone’s an “introvert” (and maybe I’ll rethink classifying myself as such, too), but rather that we’ve been so conditioned now to think that these forms of interaction are suffice to our existence. And they’re not. We’ve created a bunch of “keyboard warriors” who only know how to interact behind a screen. Most of them do not know how to hold a real conversation or think for themselves in real life situations. And it irks my last nerve. But I digress. You can all see where I’m going, I hope. But now I’m going to switch gears a little bit and show you some things God has so graciously shown me, both through His Word and through my experiences, feelings, and emotions this week.

I think what I actually want to do, because I’ve been going for some very nice and awesome walks and talks with the Lord this week, is to go ahead and go for one now and finish out this blog post by making an audio recording and sharing that here. Hopefully I can multitask well because I still have a lot more to say and I have a lot of Scriptures I want to share with y’all.

Ok, here y’all go! Please excuse the background/road noise.

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