“Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly”

My friend and I are studying the Book of Colossians together. As you probably know, that’s where this verse comes from. Col. 3:16 – “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” This is such a powerful little letter from the Apostle Paul to the Colossian church. It holds a special place in my heart as it was the first book Will and I ever studied in our walk with Christ. We had a pastor at the time, during our first year in the faith, who taught us the inductive Bible study method and I just remember the Word coming alive to us. We have continued digging in and applying God’s Word to our lives in this way throughout all these years and have experienced this fullness, this richness, of His Word dwelling in us. And man, what a beautiful and powerful thing it is.

God’s Word is manna to our souls. Jesus IS the Bread of Life. He IS the Word (John 1:1, 14). You want to experience more fullness in Christ? Go to His Word. Allow it to dwell in you…to go down deep and penetrate your heart, change your mind, and transform your entire life and being. It is a supernatural, living Book. Because it is The Word…it IS Jesus Christ. And as born-again followers, believers, and children of the Most High God, we have continual access to Him…He lives in us! And through us! Isn’t that so awesome?! All these years later, it still baffles me to think of all of His goodness, richness, and mercy that dwells in me through Him. It never gets old or stagnant. I learn something new every moment I spend in His presence. It’s amazing and truly awe-inspiring.

This one little verse inspired me to write today. And a lot of times, that’s how the Holy Spirit works with me. I actually got out my new little prayer journal this morning and started to pray for people and this part of this Scripture was printed on the page and it just started prompting all kinds of thoughts. So I shared the verse to Instagram first (again, I’ve still not been very active at all over there but when I come across a verse that stands out to me I am prone to share it there), meditated on it, then prayed through it for myself and my brothers and sisters in Christ, and then the Lord moved me to come here and write about it, too. So here I am.

I have jotted down many ideas for our podcast (which we need to do another episode soon…it’s just a busy time for us right now) and one of the things I wrote down is “Godly confidence vs. earthly pride.” Another is “brokenness/humility vs. prideful spirit.” I realize these are kind of the same thing but I have just been adding to the list of topics as the Lord gives me thoughts, so these will likely just be one message, but I think you can see where I’m going here. As we studied last week in our home fellowship, the Beatitudes tell us that we must be broken/poor in spirit (realize our need for a Savior), and humble in heart to come into the Kingdom of God. We must maintain humility as a child of God as well, for we never want to look like our adversary, the originator of pride.

But have you ever considered that IN CHRIST, we are also called to have a confidence and a boldness, an assurance of Who’s we are and Who lives in and through us? This is different than an earthly pride, arrogance, and ego. This is not about us, but the One we represent. The One Who’s presence has transformed us into a new creation. This is not “self-confidence” as the world around us pushes. It is dying to self, in fact, and realizing that it’s still not about me and I bring nothing to the table. Jesus has invited us to HIS table, to feast on Him, the Living Water and the Bread of Life…it will one day be the ultimate feast–the marriage supper of the Lamb!!! And hallelujah, what a Day of rejoicing THAT will be!!!!

So I just felt like this was an important matter to cover today. The Word should be living and active in and through us, DWELLING in us richly!!! Dwell is defined as “to live as a resident; reside.” Another definition says “to live permanently.” The Word is to live in us permanently. Amen!! I see so many professing Christians today who are ignorant of what the Word of God actually says because they have been conditioned to think that the Word is just something that they listen to their pastor preach from once or twice a week and that this somehow “feeds” them for the week. So as you can see, the majority are starving. Christ has invited us to a banquet, a FEAST, where He Himself is the main course. We must come. And we must come empty so that we may be filled by and with Him. And we must keep coming, daily, moment by moment. THIS is how we will experience His richness. His fullness. This is where we will find wisdom AND (very importantly), be able to impart that wisdom to others–as the rest of the Scripture says, “teaching and admonishing one another.” How can we do this if we don’t truly understand the Word ourselves? This is why we don’t see discipleship being practiced en masse today. Not many at all in the Body of Christ are confident enough to teach others, and what a shame. What a disservice this has become to young believers and to a lost, watching world. There lies a great responsibility on the saints who are mature in their walk with Christ, to teach others how to walk with and grow in Christ. We can’t shuck away all of the New Testament books that have devoted so much time and ink to instructing us all as to how we should be walking, growing, producing fruit in our lives, and how our relationships with one another (and the Lord!) should look. And this is the burden that we feel and carry through our every day life. It should be felt by all of us. And it should be making an impact in this world.

The TRUE, undefiled, agape love of God that we should possess and express will come from a place of confidence in our God and His character, in our redemption through Christ His Son and His beautiful gift of salvation toward us, in the Holy Spirit-our Helper-Who lives in us and leads us into all Truth, and in the Word of God-our roadmap and Guide to all things we will ever need to know–the Living Word which is sharper than any two-edged sword and is not to be minimized or compromised in any way. This Word makes us bold as lions and sometimes…a lot of times, actually, will cause us to confront things and call out sin and yes, even will divide us from those around us who are not as sold out for Christ or devoted to applying His Word to their own lives as we are. Again, this does not make us arrogant or prideful for refusing to bow to the culture–or even the modern-day church, with all the doctrines of men that frequently are held in higher regard than the Word itself.

We must recognize that because someone is passionate and unwavering in their love of the Truth, that does not make them pride-filled. You should be able to tell the difference. Is said person stuck on themselves and their opinions, or are they rightly dividing the Word of Truth, which we are all called (but haven’t been conditioned) to do? As the Church of the Living God, we must decipher between the two. It’s a dangerous time for the people of God. We know that much deception abounds and our only answer is to ALWAYS go to the Source–the Word. I can’t emphasize that enough and I know that I say/preach it all the time. I honestly will say that in every message we have ever given or will ever give, every piece of counsel, every conversation…you can bet that Christ and the Word (One in the same, remember) is the focus. We die to ourselves daily and we pick up our cross and we follow after the Master. This is not about us, but about Him. And in ALL THINGS, we allow Him to dwell in us (live in us) RICHLY, and we are so filled with His Truth by now, that that is what comes out. Not of us, all of Him. And we want to pass it on. To everyone!!!!

It does move us to rejoicing…”to songs and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in our hearts to the Lord.” How can it not?! Sidenote for those following along with the blog, I DID sing on Sunday in front of the group and I was still scared to death, but Sammy is a great teacher and he’s helping me a lot…God bless my brother in Christ!!! Anyway, I hope and pray this for all of you today, my brothers and sisters, that you are full on Christ, that His Word is living in you in all fullness, that this brings about so much Godly confidence that you will never shrink back but are like a tree planted beside the (Living) waters, bearing much fruit in every season. And that others are able, as Will says, to pick off your tree. That you are fulfilling your purpose in this short time we have on earth to grow the Kingdom of God. Because we ALL have such an important part to play. And we have the Roadmap. Amen, thank You, Jesus!

That’s all for today, folks! I hope you all got something out of these ramblings. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Eric Otchere says:

    This is a wonderful blog and podcast you have here. God bless you for the work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric Otchere says:

      Days ago, I resumed blogging after being on hibernation for a while.

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    2. Aww well thank you very much, I truly appreciate your compliment and all glory to God! I’ve followed you back so I look forward to seeing your blog as well! ☺️


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