Humbling Ourselves – An Update

Hey, good morning everyone! I know it’s really been a while since I’ve written–nearly a month! This has been a very busy season for us, and God has been doing a new thing. Showing me things. Working in my mind and heart. I came here today to share with y’all some of the things He’s shown me as of late. Or things I believe He is showing me anyway.

Firstly, through some times of fasting and prayer and really just trying to sit at His feet, He has moved me to spend WAY less time on social media and technology in general. He has helped me to tune out all the voices that had become so loud and tune into the only One that I need to direct my steps each day. If you know me at all, you know that I despise social media and have only ever been on it to “promote myself.” I hate to even say it that way, but let’s be real. That’s why a lot of us use it, isn’t it? He showed me that I don’t need promoting. I need humbling. I don’t need to use this tool to “get my blog posts out there” or whatever else I’ve been telling myself this past year. If God wants my messages out there, they’ll go to who needs them. I’m done with self-promotion.

I haven’t interacted on any platform these past few weeks and while I have met some very sweet and awesome brothers and sisters in Christ out there, it’s been so nice to focus on the people in my day-to-day life. That’s another reason we’ve been so busy. And so grateful. Y’all know how much we love people and love to invest in others and minister to them however we can, and God has graciously filled our hearts and our home with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ, multiple times a week. We have so been enjoying our times of fellowship, prayer, Bible study, singing and praising God together (yes, Will is still learning the drums and I am still learning to sing, if you’ve been following along–we can’t believe it but we are really enjoying learning these new skills–ways to glorify the Lord in completely new ways that are totally outside of our comfort zone!) and just growing together in Christ and community. What a blessing.

We have also decided to cut the podcast. This was another thing in the humility department that God has revealed. Remember when I said earlier that I needed to tune out all the voices? This includes my own. Will said to me one day, “I’m so tired of listening to myself talk.” I agreed with him. It was right at the time I’d read a blog post from a sister in Christ and she was sharing candidly about how she was just tired of giving her opinions and take on things so much, and as I read it, I found myself nodding in agreement (about myself, not her)…so Will’s statement to me was confirmation that we needed to stop talking so much. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot to say because we feel so strongly and passionately…about SO much pertaining to our Savior, our faith walk, the Gospel, living a sanctified life, standing on the Truth, etc….but sometimes our voices become too loud, too. And I think they can overshadow what God wants to say or do in our life and in the lives of others. And the last thing we EVER want to be is a stumbling block in any way, shape, or form.

So I believe with everything in me that this time we’ve set ourselves apart unto Him is bearing much fruit. He’s growing us in new ways and showing us things we’ve not yet seen. Isn’t that the whole point of our sanctification–to look more like our Christ? To have things pruned and cut off that aren’t good or beneficial to our walk with Him, or that can keep us caught up in ourselves, distracted, or missing the point? I think so. And I praise Him that this will continue until we meet Him face to face. He’s never done with us and by this ongoing work and yielding to the Holy Spirit’s loving, leading, and empowering still, small voice, we can be sure that we are His children and that He loves us so dearly. We don’t let the enemy get in our heads and tell us ANYTHING. We stand on the truth of God’s Word and understand that His promises are yes and amen. We learn and we grow. We pray and we go. God is so good and worthy of all our praise!!!

I’m not sure exactly what He wants me to be doing right now, but I know that sitting at His feet is always best. Drawing near to Him, that He will draw near to me. Seeking Him with my whole heart that I may find Him. I’ve had several people reach out to me to make sure we are doing okay, and that has been a sweet blessing as well. Everything is good in our world though, so I thought that today I would write here and give this quick update. I will say that there has been a lot of spiritual warfare going on that I’ve seen and noticed, and so this has prompted a regular time of fasting and prayer each week. If you have any prayer requests, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be so honored to pray for you during these times. We need one another in the Body of Christ more than ever, and while my immediate focus is my family and the family of God in my everyday life, I am still here to pray and minister however I can. And that’s another thing–“ministry”…everything that we do, as disciples of Christ falls in this category (or should), so it doesn’t need a label. It is a naturally occurring action that springs forth from a heart devoted to Christ and people, and it’s not JUST what we do–it’s who we are. It’s what sets us apart. So we don’t need to talk about it so much, but rather just do it.

Again, even writing this blog post is humbling to me. Which is a good thing. As you all know, I always try to be open and honest and real, no matter what. And I feel like the Lord wanted me to share about this today. I hope that someone may read it and find encouragement somehow. I pray for you all today, that your walk with the Lord is also growing stronger day by day and that you find peace and comfort in the humbling, sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Until He prompts me to write again, I hope you all have a blessed day and week!


  1. Ericka Clay says:

    Love all of this! He’ll definitely use your quiets moment to secure your faith and relationship with Him. I recently experienced one of these said moments, and it was crazy how quickly He set me on the right path again. I know He works on our hearts during these times, otherwise we miss the point completely and end up making shrines for ourselves.

    As for prayer requests, can you please pray for what God’s asked me to do? I know I’m to write another novel (I’m nearly 6k words in so far) that brings Him glory. I also feel led to search for an agent for this one so please pray I find a Christian agent who is interested in publishing Biblical (not just “Christian”) fiction and who has a strong walk with Jesus. I’m now on a different track with social media. Whereas I was called to stay away for a long season, I know I’m supposed to back on FB now sharing this process and asking people to support and pray for me. Please pray that I use that platform to bring God glory and show how Jesus is working through me without hiding behind religion. I want to be a doer of the Word, not just a reader!

    I’ll pray for you during this season and as you shut down the podcast and find new ways to connect with those Jesus is reaching out to!

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    1. Hi sister! So good to hear from you and amen to your comment! Thanks so much for praying for me and absolutely, I will pray for you to find just the right agent, along with God’s leading on what exactly He would have you to do, for His glory! I prayed all of these things for you yesterday on my fast and I will continue to do so as often as I think of you! I pray His blessings and guidance on us all as we seek His face and His will for our lives, individually and collectively. Blessings on all that you do in His mighty name!! Much love to you!


      1. Ericka Clay says:

        Thank you so much!! ❤️


  2. kelly8098 says:

    Hey sister! I’m glad you posted and it’s confirmation to me of how you have been doing. I was JUST thinking today about you-always- and looked you up today on the sites I listen in and seen you were very inactive and knew in my heart you are well and i had a good idea how you have been and then moments later you post. 🥰 God is good! Praise His Holy name, forever. Your loved! 🙏

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    1. Aww praise God for His perfect timing in this, sister! Thank you so much for thinking of me and dropping in to say hi. I hope and pray that all is well for you too and that this is a season of seeking and abiding like never before (for all of us)! Much love to you and absolutely praising His holy name with you forever and ever!!! You take care until we talk again!


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