“Moralism Kills” (Podcast Episode)

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What is moralism? Do “good people” go to Heaven? No…SAVED PEOPLE do. And it’s not all about “going to Heaven” anyway. Remember, our purpose on this planet in being redeemed, born again children of God, is to bring the Gospel to the world, make disciples of all the nations, and represent our King everywhere we go. Why is this not what we see in the church as a whole then? We do not understand the weight and responsibility of the call because we have not been taught rightly. But it’s all there in the Word of God. We live in a culture of death and this culture has infiltrated the church. Tune in and listen to this important discussion which goes along with the one we did previously about sin. The movie we mentioned is called Timechanger, if you’d like to search for it to watch it. You can find all of our previous episodes here:


Podcast Change!

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Hey everyone, just a quick note that we’ve decided to change our podcast host to Podbean. This won’t affect how you’re able to listen to us, but it will help us to grow a little more in our podcasting (we think)! If you listen via the podcast player here on the blog site, you can still listen from there. If you listen on Anchor, it will simply redirect you to Podbean. If you listen on any of the other platforms, you will still be able to find us there. If you subscribe to us on the Podbean app, you can actually message us through it and have direct contact with us, so we think that’s pretty cool! They also offer live streaming where you could even call in during an episode, if we ever decide to try that out. As our podcast is growing, we just want to move on up a little bit to a host that gives us more options and makes things a little more seamless for both us and the listener. So as always, we hope and pray that you will tune in, follow us, like and subscribe, and pass us onto others that you think would enjoy hearing our love for Jesus and people and our passion for sharing Biblical truths in an uncompromising way, in a day and age where it’s severely lacking yet needed more than ever!

“Forgiving the Nightmare: Special Guest – Mark Sowersby” (Podcast Episode)

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I know we’ve put several episodes out this week, but God has just blessed us abundantly lately by connecting us with so many other brothers and sisters who are open and vulnerable and willing to share about their trials and struggles and victories in their walks with Christ, and to come on our little podcast to share these stories of hope with all of you. We pray that this is being accomplished and that you’ve all been encouraged and motivated in your faith journey. Be sure to listen to this episode where Mark is so open and transparent with us on all that he experienced through his childhood abuse and he provides so much hope and practical spiritual tools for the process of forgiving the nightmare. You don’t want to miss this episode!! Here is the link to Mark’s book (it is SO good…please grab a copy!):

And here’s where you can find Mark: Website: http://www.forgivingthenightmare.com

Facebook: Forgiving the Nightmare
Twitter: @SowersbyMark (Forgiving the Nightmare)
Instagram: Forgiving_ The_ Nightmare
Linked in: Mark Sowersby

“Forgiveness – Part of Running Our Race” (Podcast Episode)

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Today we are blessed to have our first guest on the podcast! Rebecca Berschwinger from One Little Candle Podcast is with us to chat about the topic of forgiveness and share with us a personal story about a stolen inheritance and how God walked with her through this trial and taught her how to truly forgive. We also share with all of you a personal testimony of a major trial of forgiveness in our life as well, which we’ve never shared here before. We hope and pray that this episode will encourage you in your walk with Christ and give you some insight as to how we can come to a place of true forgiveness, why it’s so important, and how praying for and learning to love our enemies is the key that sets us free. Please excuse the quality of the audio, as the internet connectivity wasn’t optional at the time of recording.

Be sure to find Rebecca’s podcast, blog, and more at http://www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com, on Facebook and Instagram as One Little Candle Podcast, and on http://www.christianpodcastcommunity.com. And here is the link to the book she mentioned in the episode: The Calvary Road: Exploring Christianity https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1444455664/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_WX8ZBA34GJEK4CBYBH2Q

“Let’s Talk About…Sin” (Podcast Episode)


Sin…It put Jesus on the cross. It’s end is death. Jesus called us to repent and turn from it. We should be very serious and sober-minded about it then, shouldn’t we? Is this what we see though, in the church today? Or are we soft on sin? Do we make it easy for people to live in it and not call them out of it because of fear? Is this what the Bible tells us and exemplifies for us, when souls are at stake? Listen to us chat about this hot topic issue.

“Responding to Naysayers” Part 2 (Podcast Episode)

Hey y’all, this is part 2 of the podcast episode that I shared yesterday where we co-hosted with Rebecca Berschwinger of One Little Candle Podcast again. We always have such great discussions about the end times and this one is no different. The topic is how we respond to people who say, “is Jesus REALLY coming back? People have been saying this for years….” Be sure to go back and listen to part 1 if you haven’t had chance to yet. You can find both of them (along with all of Rebecca’s previous episodes, her blog, and much more) here:


We hope and pray this encourages you in your walk with Christ in this hour. Have a great day!

“Responding to Naysayers” (Podcast Episode with One Little Candle)

Good morning, y’all! Here is another team-up with our sister, Rebecca Berschwinger, over at One Little Candle Podcast.

This is the description of the episode:

The end times. They’ve been saying that we’ve been in the end times for years now. Why should today be any different? Do you hear that exact same statement from some people when engaging in conversation about the unfolding of biblical prophecy that’s occurring right before our eyes?
Join Rebecca, along with Will and Angela Williams of the Salty Saints Podcast, as they discuss why things are, in fact, different this time and why we should be, as Christians, living with a sense of urgency now more than ever! Part 1 of 2.

You can find the episode here: http://www.onelittlecandlepodcast.com

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s other podcast episodes and her brand new blog as well! You can also follow her on Instagram @onelittlecandlepodcast, where she posts short devotionals and other encouraging bits to help in your walk with the Lord. We’re all out here doing everything we can to shine our light and be that one little candle. Salt and light. The world desperately needs to be pointed to the Source right now…Christ our King!!! 🙌✝️🙌

I’ll post part 2 here as well when it’s up. Have a great day, everyone!

“In Doctrine or Indoctrinated?” (Another Episode with the Beyond Belief Podcast)

Good morning, everyone! We had the pleasure of teaming up with Bill and Allen again this week for another Spirit-led discussion over indoctrination vs. the simple Truth of God’s Word. You can check it out here:


This is the description of the show:

“What is the difference between being in doctrine and indoctrination? It’s HUGE !!!!!

Many churches work on convincing you that ‘what they believe’ focuses on the Bible.  They even include biblical references so that you will ‘line-up’.  

I’ve heard many preachers and pastors tell people ‘you can check me’ or ‘go to your own bible’, only to find the their preaching already had an objective in mind – and it wasn’t from God.

This is a dangerous time in the church today. People trust their pastors more than they trust God. They have been indoctrinated to believe that everything the pastor says is true – CHECK YOUR BIBLES !!!!

Not everything a preacher preaches on is biblical.

As always, thanks for listening. We don’t claim to have all the answers – and you should never ever take our word for it – DO YOUR RESEARCH, READ YOUR BIBLE !

Don’t ever be ashamed to ask about things you don’t understand. Go to God in prayer, ask for answers to be revealed to you, stay in God’s will and read your Bible. We aren’t perfect and we don’t profess to be, far from it, actually – keep that in mind as you listen to our stories. If you are spending more time picking apart our messages, you’re spending too much time on the wrong things.

Put your focus back on God. Read Your Bible. Pray. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Christians. Gather with Two or More in His Name. Go. Disciple.

Know your sources, research your topics, cross reference verses and never grieve the Holy Spirit.”

It is our sincere hope and prayer that as you listen to these discussions, the Holy Spirit will give you open ears and an open heart to examine all that you’ve been taught, experienced, and practice to see if it is truly in line with His Word or if it’s simply a bunch of man-made traditions that have trumped the simplicity and beauty of the pure, undefiled Word of God. This HAS to be our ultimate authority and everything else must fall in line with it, not the other way around.


This podcast episode is a little different than usual. In it, I’m reading a blog post that I shared last week, which was a message from the Lord about the modern-day “church.” Please listen as it is URGENT for this day. Even if you already read that post, you will still want to listen to this episode as we have a discussion about it after I read it, so it’s not JUST me reading the whole time. 😊 Here is the episode:


And here are all the links we talked about (plus more…every one of them are EXCELLENT):

“If We Are The Body” (A Poem)

“Churchianity” Podcast Episode

Reminder: The Church is a Group of People, Not a Place

“Churchianity” Podcast Episode

Morning, everyone! As mentioned on yesterday’s blog post, we recorded an episode earlier this week on the Beyond Belief Podcast with Bill and Allen, and you can listen to it here:


Please note: a lot of this discussion was echoed in my post yesterday, but I think it’s important for all of you to hear a real live conversation between four fired-up brothers and sisters in Christ about these matters. Also note—it’s a long conversation, so you may have to listen in small chunks. You do you. 😉 Anywho, enjoy!!