Coffee & Bible Time with Angela

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I have decided to start recording thoughts and prayers and Scripture reading from my quiet time with the Lord, to share with all of you here. It is my hope and prayer that you will be edified and encouraged through it and I always welcome your interaction and feedback, thoughts, and prayer requests. *This was a message over Philippians 1 that I recorded from the “Wisdom” app, where people can chat live with you…after this talk, I was inspired to continue recording messages for the blog but not in the same format (live interactions with others…I explain this in more detail in the second recording-over chapter 2).

*Please note: My friend at One Little Candle Podcast has asked me to record short devotions for her Fanning the Flame series and I will also be sharing them here. I realize I already have a message over the whole chapter of Romans 12, but this one is a shorter version, only covering the first few verses.