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*For Believers:

This is the Bible Study method that we use…it’s awesome and it helps you to learn to hear from God for yourself! It’s called DBS (Discovery Bible Study):

Excellent ministry, podcast, and discipleship program:

This is a good message about the gift of tongues/prayer language:

This is a sermon series podcast that really resonates with us from Glenn Meldrum called “The Radical Jesus” that is sure to convict and convince you of Jesus’ call to a radical faith walk with Him:

The Radical Jesus has many parts so we’re just putting part 1 here. You can find the rest on the podcast/website.

A good spoken word message over Religion vs. Relationship with the Living God:

Good resources for Christianity vs. Churchianity:

End Times Resources:

Ministry for freedom from sexual sin:

Highly recommended brothers and sisters/ministries we follow and support:

Tools: **This is where we get our Gospel tracts for witnessing. We also make our own through Vistaprint. **This is the prayer journal I use.

This is where we get some of our Christian Apparel: